How to Clean Nespresso Milk Frother – Learn The Secrets

How to Clean Nespresso Milk Frother
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How to Clean Nespresso Milk FrotherNespresso milk frother is one of the best brands in the marketplace right now. And guess what? Customers are raving about the product due to its exquisite simple designs and functionalities.

Its interior is made of non-stick coating, Teflon precisely. In spite of its uniqueness, many have found it to be difficult to clean, why? Many claimed that it was hard to clean a coated frother.

However, here are the tips on how to clean Nespresso milk frother even as a newbie. But first, we’d love to explain the uniqueness of a Nespresso milk frother.

NespressoAeroccino is a reputable company that is highly reliable when it comes to good service delivery. They actually make milk frothers and they currently have more than 4 models in the marketplace.

They’ve been in the marketplace for years and what makes buyers keep patronizing their services is that they are faithful in business, how? They are astute to complaints and are willing to give out a replacement if there is a need being.

Now that you’ve come to know the secret of their success, you can be sure that you can purchase any of their products with the maximum assurance that your purchase is safe.

Now, let’s find out the systematical approaches in cleaning a milk frother.

8 Things to Consider about How to Clean Nespresso Milk Frother:

1. Identification of Its Design

The frother has a design just like any other milk frother. It has a detachable carafe and the motor which is the base.

It’s a unit that you can lug around its carafe, and you can easily remove the substance in the carafe jug.

Also, it has functions that you can easily utilize to ignite and halt the performance of the unit. Of course, it has an ergonomic structure that you can utilize to perfectly position it on any surface.

Although the size of their carafe jugs vary, yet this brand is widely accepted in America and Europe.

In fact, Nespresso machines do come with whisks that one can utilize to either heat up the fluid or whip the fluid flawlessly. Although the exterior is made of non-corrosive metals, yet the interior is coated with non-stick.

2. Learn the Features

Nespresso milk frothers are not dishwasher safe because the interior is coated with Teflon. It’s a unit that generates its heat right from the underneath.

Of course, this can surely cause the fragments of the content becoming burnt off. Nevertheless, you can still operate the units in two different modes. You can use them for making creamy, thick in both hot and cold condition.

In fact, one of the models has the capability to whip your milk even while it’s icy. Therefore, it’s expected that users consider the designated limits while filling the carafe of the frother, why? So that the heat would evenly be distributed.

Once you can put all these into consideration then the cleaning of the unit would be easy.

3. Learn to Use a Nespresso Milk Frother

It’s compulsory that users know how to use the frother so as to elongate its longevity. Here are few tips on how one can prudently use a Nespresso milk frother:

  • Use the right whisk for the right task.
  • Endeavour to use plastic objects to scoop the foams. In other words, never use a metal spoon for the milk frother.
  • Ensure that you don’t save the unit in a clumsy area.
  • Even though you use a plastic material for scooping the interior, never use it forcefully on it.

4. Preparation

  • Warm some water first and pour it inside a bowl where there would be minimal heat loss.
  • Get a clean cloth and a soft sponge available.
  • Ensure that the content is poured out into a bowl before moving the carafe to a secluded place.
  • Provided you used your bare hands to wipe off the milk that spurted out, then you can rinse your hands first before touching other parts of the unit.
  • Remove the carafe jug from the unit and take it to a clean and dry place.
  • You might need to take the lid together with the carafe but there is no need to carry the motor (base) along with it.
  • However, ensure that you remove the power cord from the power outlet before cleaning the unit.

5. Cleaning of the Carafe Jug

Once you’re done with the removal of the liquid, you’d notice that the walls and the attached whisks have congeals on them. So, what you’d do since you don’t want to scrape off the coatings is that you would fill the interior with warm water.

The water would aid you to soak congeals and remove 70% of the milk leftovers. Also, once you’ve hauled away the contaminated water, you can fill in the carafe with another warm water but, at this time, use your finger or soft sponge to gently remove the leftovers. Do this again and again until the interior is clean.

6. Cleaning of the Exteriors

Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior part of the milk frother. Just judiciously clean it and wipe off the stains right upon it.

Do the same to the motor (base) where the carafe jug was removed from. Afterwards, get a clean dry cloth to clean every part of the exterior and probably the interior so as to make them look sparkling clean. In fact, you can choose to rub olive oil on the exterior part so as to keep it sparkling.

7. Safety Precautions

  • Never soak warm water inside the carafe for more than 10 minutes.
  • Also, don’t immerse the motor inside a bowl filled with water.
  • Ensure that no liquid touches any of the function, not even the spurted liquid.
  • Make sure that the temperature of the whole unit is abated before cleaning the unit.
  • Make sure that you save it in a cool and open space.
  • Please, always contact the manufacturer when you begin to have an issue with the unit. The manufacturer will definitely help you out with a replacement.
  • Make sure that you try all that you can to disallow spurts while using the unit.

8. Repetition

Make sure that you use this details again and again in the cleaning of the milk frother. It would help in the longevity of the unit. Once the cleaning is done, you can always keep it in an area where it won’t be carelessly handled.

Final Verdict

This is just the perfect way to get your unit cleaned. The cleaning doesn’t just start from wiping off the fragment on the inside, but rather it starts from the use of the unit.

The better you use the unit the safer it’s to clean the unit. In other words, they intertwine. This is researched article that you can depend upon for the convenient cleaning of your coated unit


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